31st May, 7th & 25th-30th June, 6th-14th July 2004.

We hubbed in and out of Bangkok on 6 occasions so we are now very familiar with this manic place. It was great for a while to experience the good and bad that is Starbucks and public transport that doesn't breakdown or smell.

Bangkok was a good place to explore the floating market, the bridge of the River Kwai and Ayutthaya.

By the time we left we couldn't wait to leave! Visa being Visas and Bureaucracy being crap we were stuck here for a while waiting for paper work. 2 weeks in total was probably slightly longer we would of appreciated.

Sam and DC were on honeymoon and passing Bangkok.  We had an excellent evening catching up on the gossip and seeing ping pong balls in the Pat Pong style.

Wat Pho and the enormous reclining Buddha.

Deities including a sacred cow and seriously gilded deitys in Wat Phra Kaew.

More Wat Phra Kaew decorative stuff.

... some of it was under renovation but it looks like it will be stunning when the scaffolding is off these.

All the tourists were out.  You can't help feeling sorry for the guards sweating in their uniforms posing for cheese.

Wat Arun stands proudly over the polluted river.

Even monks need to catch tuk tuks.

We know the Bangkok train station very well now... but it never fails to amaze us the way the whole country seems to sit in the train station and watch WWF wrestling on the big screen!

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