Chiang Mai

1st, 2nd & 6th June 2004.

Chiang Mai is about 700 kms North of Bangkok towards the Laos border. We came here to meet up with Matt (Jason's brother) and Bianca (His girlfriend). It is an ancient city with over 300 temples, and lots of friendly people.

One of the 300 temples.

Claire is not allowed into some of them!

Lots of the statues are covered in decaying gold leaf. One temple we visited has a monk sitting cross legged in a glass container. It was quite frightening as he looked so alive that we expected him to move.  We later read that some of the more important monk were pickled, which is why he looked so real.

Big hands.


Foot massages in the market.  We had to pay extra for Jason's cause the woman was complaining that his feel smelt too bad.... she was right.

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