Trekking Around Chiang Mai

3rd-5th June 2004.

You can't come to Chiang Mai and not trek so we booked ourselves onto a cheesy trek, complete with stoned guide who wanted to spend the whole time resting by waterfalls.

The terrain was hot, sticky, and muddy. Hard work for Virgin trekker Bianca, she impressed us all despite her slippery shoes.

Bianca gets to the top of the hill and wonders what she has let herself in for spending three weeks with two Taylors.

Beautiful views from the top. This way looks back into Thailand, whilst in the other direction is Myanmar (Burma).

Matt eats the "Space Dust" that Jason bought from China.

We stayed the night in local villages where the kids evening activities are blowing rubber bands on top of each other in a similar way to playing marbles.

Jason thought it looked like a great excuse to spit on your mates.

Matt & Bianca at a waterfall stop.

Early morning Elephants are being washed ready for cheesy tourists to ride them.

Bianca found that ridding an elephant isn't as romantic as it seemed, particularly as her elephant decided to start backing down a steep ramp to eat some branches.

Claire skipped the white water rafting as she didn't feel like a dunking this time round.

We vowed never to do Bamboo rafting cause we thought it was gay.  It was a free part of the trip so we obliged and we now still think that it's gay.... Capital G . A . Y .

One of the few locals we saw in traditional dress. The villagers only wear this attire when it guarantees a sale of their handicrafts... Is that opium in her pipe 'cause she was way out there.

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