8th-10th June 2004.

Phuket is Pronounced "Poo-Get", but as we came here to dive and the monsoon had already arrived resulting in constant rain, rough seas and 5 metres visibility we preferred to pronounce it phonetically and get the hell out of there.

This is our bus driver who was so small we weren't sure that he could reach the pedals.

We arrived at Phuket and stood in a doorway for half an hour because it was raining so hard.

Claire had warned Jason about the state of Phuket but Jason was determined to come here.

Phuket is abuilt up buzzing town by the sea. You come here to see lady boys and girlie dancing.... What is the connection between diving and sex holidays???

Dissapointed with the weather, we got stuck in a ex-pat bar and got drunk with the locals.  Drink driving seems to be the norm here and expats who have lost of power of speech think nothing of getting in their car to drive home.

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