Ko Samui

11th-13th June 2004.

Ko Samui is Thailand's third biggest island. It's a very popular island for package tours, however if you can escape the more touristy areas, the island is stunningly beautiful and relaxing.

The beach, and the weather seems to be clearing up which makes a nice change after Phuket.

Safety girl isn't quite sure what use the helmet will be in the event of a fall.... But it does have the added bonus of making her look a total 'tard.'

The Big Buddha

Where we found this cheeky monkey.....

...and some rather strange boobed statues.

We resisted the temptation to buy a prayer tape although we are getting pretty desperate these days for some good tunes.

Buying gas is amusing here.

Matt teaches Bianca the importance of packing lightly and not getting plastered on Thai whiskey the night before a boat journey.

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