Ko Pha-Ngan

14-16th June 2004.

Famous for its moon party we came here in search of beautiful beaches and sunshine.  We weren't lucky with the weather but we had plenty of time to relax.

Matt & Bianca outside the huts that we stayed in by the beach.

The island just off our beach was only a short walk away.

This is a rather large grasshopper thing that landed on Bianca whilst we were walking.

More fisherman photos courtesy of Jason.

Jason and Matt compete with gay poses.

We didn't do a great deal here, both of us got sick and decided to catch up on email and the website. Matt and Bianca hired a motorbike and spent most of their time trying to fix it so we were glad we stayed at home and got better for Ko Tao.

Time to move to Ko Tao for sunshine and diving.

Matt models his chocolate shake belly.

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