Ko Tao

17th-24th June 2004.

Ko Tao can be translated as "Turtle Island", something to do with the shape of the island. It is only 21 square kilometres in size.  We hired a motorbike to see the beautiful beaches and snorkel in the still sea. There is an abundance of fishes and great coral. We ended up staying here longer because the Euro 2004 was on and we were surprised how much we liked it here.

The beach just by our accommodation. 

We came here to dive, the nice beaches were a pleasent surprise. For dive details and the death of another digital camera see Dive Ko Tao.

Restaurants and small shops line the beach, making a cosy place to relax and enjoy the view.  You can get a cracking Thai massage over looking the sea.

Matt is obsessed with Chocolate shakes.  He still hasn't learnt (despite the fact he is on shake 50) that drinking them too quickly gives you ice cream headache.

 You can't help wonder how many DVD's Matt could have bought for how many milkshakes he drank!

Pretty sunsets....

These resort owners must have kicked themleves....the chopping down of a tree gave them more work than they bargained for..the tree fell on the nearby hut destroying the roof. We hope there wasn't anyone in there!

Claire running up the hill after Jason "motorbike boy" raced up the 45 degree hills with clutch smoking.

The bays where we snorkelled looked like this.  An amazing underwater world met us as soon as we donned snorkel and mask.

Hun Wing Bay where Jason seems to like fishing boat pictures....

Tanote bay was beautiful with awesome snorkelling and some seriously big fish.

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