Diving Ko Tao

18th-24th July 2004.

Ko Tao is the place to come for diving...but not when we were there...rough seas and poor visibility meant that the snorkelling was much better.

This is Matt on our first dive.  We took a two hour boat early in the morning. Jason and Claire don't do rough seas and spent the whole journey throwing-up whilst our friendly dive master shouted at us to get our equipment ready and wetsuits on... he can bite-me.

You try gagging on sick, putting your tank on, and your BCD at the same time.

The dive master was rubbish and spent the whole time holding onto Claire and tapping on her tank. The dive wasn't very good as we were above other divers so all we saw was air bubbles.  Jason and Matt did the second dive, but Jason was throwing up under water and Claire was on deck doing the same.

It took a few days for us to be interested in the under water world, but armed with snorkels we found an under water playground and much calmer seas.

Clownfish were everywhere.

Close up

Stunning colours. If our underwater camera had not packed up you would see the biggest brightly coloured green fish.

This trumpet fish glided just under the water, they looked very cheeky.

More fish whose names we don't know.




A thing

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