Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

11th July 2004.

We decided to do a day trip out of Bangkok and visited some floating markets in the morning and a Bridge over the River Kwai in the afternoon.  

We couldn't help laugh at this guy protecting his head with a showercap while shovelling dredged-up shit from the canals.

The floating markets were a total tourist trap, as you can see here there are more tourists than locals.  They are certainly selling tourist only products not local wears.

Including this fold down flexible hat - you too can have a hat and fan in one! ( We didn't buy it.)

Jason has been stretching his stomach boundaries by eating anywhere and everywhere. The look of pain before eating here was followed a few hours later by trips to the toilet.

More cheese with matching hats.

We were despairing at this point - for 5 dollars you can own a plate with your photo on it. Nice.

Its all too much for this local... and for us to.

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