Temples of Angkor Day 3

28th May 2004.

Day 3 and we have been left by Jo and Dan but are still accompanied the faithful and omnipresent Mr Yuthnay, our tuk tuk driver.

A long drive takes us out to Beantey Srei the Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva.

The carvings are awesome as is the pinkish hue of the stone used in construction.

... and of course another mine-band is here.

These guys were really really good. The guy on the far right is only playing a leaf, it makes such a distinctive loud sound.

Banteay Samre was next.

... and it had some odd smiley face thing going on.

... and we finally busted Mr Yuthnay asleep in his tuk tuk.

Next is Ta Prohm and we have been saving the most atmospheric ruins until last. We spent ages here so if your are interested check out Ta Prohm detail... essential if you are a Tomb Raider fan as a lot was filmed here.

Ta Keo

Thommanon... we are getting templed out now... it is all turning into a blur.

So we played with the monkeys....

.... before a final sunrise and goodbye and Phnom Bakheng

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