Nha Trang

1st - 5th May 2004.

Nha Trang is a pretty cool beach kind of place that become very popular in "...the last 8 years" since Claire was here. So popular upon arrival in town that the only accommodation we could find was under the stars in a washroom thing on a hotel roof, next to a nightclub.

The beach was ace, the food and bars were fantastic, so we were very burnt and dehydrated but happy.

It was so hot (35 Celsius plus) that we often used cyclos to get around.

There are some partially restored Cham towers on the North side of town which are also still functional temples.

We found out why Eric Estrada hasn't made any crappy TV programs since "C.H.I.P.S"... but he is taking the whole incognito thing a bit far with the beard.

The Buddhist religion... enlightenment through hardship and abstinence... so why are they always lying down? This one also had swastikas on his feet!

Whilst visiting the Buddha it must have topped 40c so even the beggars were flaked out in the shade.

Riding a motorbike in Vietnam is madness. The only rules seemed to relate to momentum (trucks and buses don't give-way) and line of sight (if you can see them then you should stop). This means that everyone pulls out all over the place and it is total chaos.

Doesn't Claire look convincing posing for a motorbike photo whilst sitting on the pillion seat?

The motorbike took us to hell and back.

Hell being the salt plains just out of town where it was too hot for the locals to collect the salt in much the same manner as their ancestors were doing BC.

Here's Barnesey again. Lost a bit of weight this time and maybe a bit of hair as well.

We went diving in Nha Trang so check it out.

Time for a Night Train To Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

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