Diving in Nha Trang

3rd - 5th Apr 2004.

The Nha Trang beaches were nice but after being burnt to a crisp we decided it was time to get out of the sun and into the water.

The plan is up at 6.30am for 2 morning dives and back on the beach to burn by 1pm.

Claire was along for the first days diving to Moray Beach & Rainbow Reef and it was a Jason only day when Madonna Rocks were explored and Moray Beach revisited.

Madonna Rocks (so named as they look like breasts) had a couple of holes in the rocks to swim through and some pretty interesting fish.

Moray Beach had around 5 different varieties of Moray Eels one of which was 2 metres plus long.

The corals were good and so was the visibility

The fish were few and far between as their are some pretty hungry people out there.

The best things we saw, the Moray Eels, remain un-photographed due to new-under-water-camera-incompetence.... it will take a while and some experimenting to adjust to this new photographic environment.

(Read Jason has yet to read the manual yet and prefers to fog up our camera with his experimenting)

The fish we did see were beautiful and pretty colourful

and spotty

and skinny (Trumpet fish)

and majestic (Lion Fish)

and Dangerous / Poisonous (Scorpion Fish)

and annoying (50cm jellyfish).

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