My Son

29th Apr 2004.

My Son was a Jason only day as it is super hot and about an hours white-knuckle-ride from Hoi An.

..... and Claire had been there before.... "8 years ago... before it was cool... "

My Son was either a religious centre or the dwelling place of the kings of the Champa Civilisation. They really don't know!

Whilst smaller than Angkor, Bagan, Ayuthaya, and Borobudur it was still a pretty impressive place with a civilisation that spanned over a millennia.

The Cham towers can not be replicated or fixed by modern man as they don't understand how it was possible to build them.

The bricks are very light and scientists have been unable to recreate them. They can not tell what the Chams used for mortar to stop the buildings from blowing away in storms.

The towers were built with semi fired bricks and then slowly kilned over time by burying them in mud and lighting a fire inside. Once the temples were completed they were then carved.

This is the tower named "A1" by the French and completed flattened by the Americans in 1968 as the VC thought it was a cool place to hang out. It would of been the most impressive structure here as the French recorded it as standing at 40 metres high.

The Chams maybe should have picked a better place to live as they were always sandwiched between the Vietnamese in the North (and those buggers can fight) and the Khmers in the South and West who are none to shabby with guns and weird political ideas either.

As with all good religions here is your dose of sexual repression.

The table is the womens bit and the knob is the ... knob.

Most of the statues were missing a head or an arm or a leg or in this case the show-piece is missing a body

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