Hoi An

27th - 30th Apr 2004.

Hoi An is lovely, it is a stunning riverside town that sits about 5km from the beach. It also has a long standing tradition for its cotton mills, making it home of tailor made shopping, a girls dream.....

Set on the banks of a clean river, we got up at 6am to see the town in the eye of the local.

On the recommendation of friends, we went to the Cafe 96 for a cooking course and met this very cheeky chap.

We can now make Spring rolls, Ginger fish, and squid salad thanks to this rather funny culinary genius.

On a historical building tour we ran into this bloke in the doorway who is still yelling "Heskey is a Donkey" at us as we walk off up the road. He is football mad and was keen to be educated with nasty sayings.

Vietnamese dance is something else. After some disappointing night-clubbing in Hanoi we found the real-deal dance preformed by this freak-of-nature as he chased evil spirits out of his house.

Jason at the beach ordering a very large crab from a restaurant. When Claire was last here (8 years ago blah, blah, blah) her friend Rich had crab from a lady on the beach and then spent the next month decorating porcelain around Vietnam.

No it is not a riot!

It is the local Saturday market at 6am and the fish are arriving.

The early morning view along the river.

Locals sit and watch the world go by.

Woman gossiping in the misty morning.

Claire standing on the Japanese Bridge that originally dates back to 1593. It has since been rebuilt several times.

Monkeys and dogs appear on each side of the bridge to protect it in an odd look-a-like altar which again looks like Jason's mate Stanley.

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