11th May 2004.

We took a three day boat tour around the Mekong Delta that took us over the border to Cambodia.  We stayed in Cantho on our first night. It is the capital of the Cantho province, a busy town that has Karaoke, floating restaurants and busting markets.

The three day trip took us along the scenic and busy Mekong Delta river.

On route we stopped at nearby local factories. These consisted of a wooden shack and not very hygienic living conditions, still the popcorn rice tasted nice.

Here they make rice noodles, that they export all over the world. The water they use comes out of the Mekong Delta, enjoy your bowl of noodles, we hope they put enough iodine in!

The banks of the river are lined with families going about their daily life. Washing and cleaning everything in the water.

No its not a rave, its the local fire brigade putting out a fire We ate snake and snake wine before topping it up with chocolate pancakes and a lot of beer.

Another early start and a slight hangover, took us to Cantho's floating markets. This lovely boy was excited that we took his photo. On the floating market you can buy all sorts of produce from fresh fruits to pumpkins and coconuts.

Stopping off at rice husking factory we met this vain chap who wanted his photo taken with everyone, he apparently liked Jason's stupid hair growth.

Claire can vaguely remember this guy from 8 years ago requesting lots of photo with her then.

This little girl dragged us into her home to show us how they hand make chopsticks. Mich the Australian boy on our trip sussed her out.

Mich was here with his family Carolyn, John and Sian.  This lovely family were on a 6 week tour around Vietnam and China. It really was fascinating to see how locals reacted to the kids of 6 and 3, they would grab the poor kids take them into their home and offer them drinks, cuddles etc. They are not used to seeing Western kids and were very excited.

Delta Tours boast "Same Same but Different". After an hour on our bus we realised this meant that the guide would be unlike other tours full of energy and information, no instead he would be asleep.  This is one of about 30 opportunities of a photo with him dribbling.

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