Cu Chi Tunnels

7th May 2004.

The Cu Chi Tunnels are widely thought to be one of the key reasons the Yanks packed-up and went home. Those slippery, yellow-bellied, dinks (sorry too many war movies) dug over 250kms of tunnels some within 30 kilometres of HCMC (Saigon) from where they would launch attacks on the "Puppet Regime" of the "Imperial American Aggressors" in the South Vietnamese Capital.

You wouldn't catch Jason as a tunnel rat, and we are not sure you would get many modern Americans through this hole either!

The tunnels have problems with the damp and it is a very small living space, complete with creepy crawlies; but it was a small price to pay for the preservation of your life in those difficult times.

To quote our guide "Brave, fearless VC.... Booby, Idiot, American Aggressors / Invaders."

To Quote Jason "Yawn."

Jason is sending this photo straight to the editor of "Tanks & Chicks" magazine.

During the trap display, the term "Shoot dead the trapped booby American" was used several times.

Charlie made some seriously nasty shit for those college kids.

... and oxymoron of the day is the "National Defence Sports Shooting Range."

But, who cares....

... They've got guns... American guns, Soviet guns, home made guns, bug guns, little guns, machine guns, hand guns, but no quiet or safe guns.

"I'll have the AK47 thank you (Jason has seen Platoon this week), and 3 US$1 bullets thank you very much, and can you throw in ear-ache for free and hold the sore shoulder I was expecting from the recoil that never happened."

The minute Jason was holding the gun those "slippery, commie, Charlie" deer and tiger targets didn't stand a chance...... Well Jason didn't stand a chance of hitting one when all anyone for half a mile could think about was the bloody noise!

... but it's OK because we are all friends now and the whole international community is holding hands thanks largely to the efforts of our poster girl Claire, jabbing Jason in the ribs and being nice to our tour guide when the propaganda factor got to much for Jason and the Sarcastic heckling started.

It really hit home that since the Vietnam war debarcle, we should all be far too scared to go to war and that a nations desire for what people perceive as freedom, is always stronger than the freedom that any other nation might be able to offer them.

After a full day we head back to Ho Chi Minh City to drink as much beer as possible, just like a G.I.

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