Chau Doc

12th May 2004.

Chau Doc sits on the banks of the Bassac River, its a beautiful little town with friendly people that sits on the border of Cambodia.

On our way to Chau Doc, we stopped off in Long Xuyen to see a crocodile farm. These poor creatures will soon be handbags and the like, they were rather bored and fiesty throwing themselves at the cages.

Some passed the day in a different way... "go on son!"

We took a walk to the nearby Chau Phu temple in Chau Doc. Unfortunately we don't have any photos of it because the kids took over our time. Any picture we did have, has the cheeky chap showing his stomach or bottom in it. The boys were practising their "I love you" and kissing scenes on Claire when Jason wasn't looking.  

Jason has all three of them on his shoulders, they were so excited to be on camera.

We had a beautiful sunset on our walk back home... our last sunset in Vietnam.

The next morning we woke up early for a row boat to a village past fishing farms to a Cham village.

As you can see too many beers and a 6am start don't bode well for the boy.

We passed busy workers in the fields..

....and locals collecting snails from the river who would regularly disappear right under the water leaving only theirs hats behind.

The boats took us to a Cham village.  Delta Tours marketing collateral boasts that we will be able to see Cham kids learning Arabic.  These kids are not in school, they are learning English.."You buy postcard/weaving/pay for photo blah blah blah."

Now we transfer to a cruising boat to take us to Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

The crew that were responsible for the "too many beers". From L-R (Claire, Carolyn, Sian, John, Mitch, Phil, Nicole, and Micheal).

Carol and John travelling with their children are an inspiration to us all. 6 weeks through SW China and Vietnam and not only have they survived they have had the time of their lives!

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