Kompong Cham

22nd May 2004.

Kompong Cham is Cambodia's third largest city, and it sits on the bank of the Mekong river. During the French period it was an important trading place and this can be seen in the lovely but fading French buildings around the city.

 A delicacy of the area is Spiders. They are sold on the side of the road and we did not choose to try one. They like nothing better than to thrust them at the bus window knowing you will cringe.

The strange culinary delight originated in the "boom years" of the Khmer Rouge when food was a little scarce.

Lychees and Rambutans are so good here and much better looking than the spiders.

There are public signs all around town informing you how to behave. This one is a Jason favourite. We think is tells you not to shag 6 foot tall prostitutes.

Locals hang out around town. It is a fairly laid back place that is not used to tourists. We had a lot of people waving and saying hello to us. This guy was too busy having a cigarette to notice us taking photos.

One man we met kept shouting at Jason calling him "Papa" over and over again. He followed us or ages. Claire wasn't quite sure if he was as retarded as he made out or whether he was Jason's long lost son.  Still, he took us to an amazing temple.

We took a wander to Koh Paen that sits in the Mekong river and is connected to Kompong Cham by a rickety bamboo bridge. We were the talk of this village that doesn't get many visitors. Lots of people waving and just making conversation with us.  

These boys were teasing Jason, and thought it was funny until Jason chased them up the road and they ran off very scared.

On our way back, this girl was very keen to practise her English. She was very brave and asked lots of text book questions like "What is your favourite colour? What is your favourite fruit? Do you have a husband? ( All said in a very robotic voice whilst not really listening for the answer.)

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