Bokor Hill NP

19th May 2004.

Bokor National Park is one of Cambodia's largest protected areas. It boasts secluded jungle and waterfalls and the usual smattering of unexploded mines.  Home to elephants, tigers and lots of endangered wildlife, it is trying to survive after years of illegal logging and animal poaching.

The old French station at the top of Bokor hill sits at an elevation of 1080m which is lovely and cool in contrast to the stiffling windless heat at sea level.  

Dan spent too much time under a tree that had lots of red ants. Apprarently when an ant pees on you, you get a burning sensation. He was getting peed on for a while eventually culminated in a rather amusing self-down-trou after the pain could no longer be tolerated.

A guide / driver for the day had a likening for plants.  He was quite happy to pose for a photo collecting plants from the NP for the new guesthouse garden.

Jason cooling of on a rock after a swim and a walk behind the waterfall.

The old Bokor Casino has a very eerie feel to it that makes you not want to be on your own. You can stay over night here, and a few weeks ago they hosted a rave here. No thanks, the afternoon was scary enough!

Periodically clouds would blow up the cliff face and enshroud the whole area in cloud.


This is made more spooky when we learnt our guide fought here from this building against the Khmer Rouge in the Catholic Church

We walked through the door and saw what we believed to be a dead man. It was easy to let your heart skip a beat.  

The day before we arrived a film crew had been filming and had left this dummy man behind.

Holding an eye gouged, severed head bought on Jason's Mean face.

Whilst we were on the hill, the weather turned misty and a wind blew making it all very creepy. You can see the old post office took a mortar round at some stage.

This was us at lunchtime listening to our guide, whilst Jason' poses for the camera. Luckily he saw this photo and has now decided to get rid of the ridiculous hair growing on his chin.

It's hard stealing plants and driving a car all day. Jason and I sneaked up on the guide and banged the car door really loudly cause we are crazy like that.....He really jumped and woke up with his war face on!

It is kind of weird that 25 years ago he was up here shooting at people.

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