23rd May 2004.

Kratie is a lovely river side town that is home to the rare Irrawaddy dolphins which live in the Mekong River.  It is quite a trek but we wanted to see the dolphins before they disappear forever.

We took a fast speed boat from Kompong Cham to Kratie, it gave us lovely views of river life, even if we were speeding past it.

This local bloke was waving at our boat and joking around with his friends at Jason's expense.  They decided it would be funny to push him in the river to teach him tourist respect.

These dolphins are diminishing, but we were really lucky to see lots of sightings of the dolphins from a boat just about an hours bumpy bike ride from Kratie.  It was impossible to get a good view let alone a picture, but this is proof we saw them!  They are very unusual looking creatures.

More public signs, this one is encouraging people to give back their weapons. We were quite worried about the grenade still being in circulation!

But this is our favourite sign.

Clearly public execution is out of vogue so watch those genocidal fashion blunders, be a good boy and give your guns back, so we can burn them.

This is us after our dolphin spotting. We are about to get on the motorbikes back to Kratie. ( Jo, Dan and us)

After stopping for petrol for Jo's bike, Jason's driver didn't seem to think he needed any.  This meant a walk back into town for Jason as his bike ran out of petrol. The driver maybe smiling but he was looking scared of the big man on the back of his bike when we first ran out of gas.

After a speedy visit to Kratie we trusted a hotel man to buy us bus tickets to Siam Reap.  The very nice man gave four of us three small seats to be shared with a mother and child and some large bags of rice.  It was boiling hot and bumpy and the highlight of our supposedly four hour trip was the bus breaking down. It took several men to repair the clutch and we were on our way after two hours. It was a frustrating journey, making the total journey time to Siam Reap about 15 hours.

This Beavis and Butthead look-a-like was in the village where the bus broke down. The kids were so shy they were frightened to talk to us and it took us a good hour to encourage them to play cricket with the tall, white, round eyed, big noses.

Cricket with the kids.

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