18th - 19th May 2004.

We stayed in Kampot to visit Bokor Hill Station and Kep. It is another riverside town, but we felt that it was not as welcoming as some of Cambodia's other places with hotels saying that they were full due to a police meeting (Read: We don't want you to stay here).

The locals are used to travelling long distances on motorbike trailers.

..Or on top of roofs.

After an early trip from Sihanoukville to Kampot, we decided to have breakfast.  Its not very often you get to have a full English so Dan and Jason made the most of their fat-boys bonanza.  They then spent the rest of the morning complaining how they had eaten too much.

Comtinuing the odd transport theme pottery appears to be restricted to cows.

All this crazy transport must be driving the locals to drink or it might be this less than submliminal advertising causing it. It appears they are suggesting drinking beer is good for your heart.

This explains why everybody is sitting around drinking all day.

Jason went a evening wander and found these two children playing with cardboard boxes and having a great time.

Other highlights included posh 3 storey brick houses with long drop toilets outside and the usual asortment of police accepting bribes and crazy local transport.

The sunset was very red and pretty and Kampot was very hot and sticky with only a river and no beach!

It was a good place for day tours to the old haunts of the rich, famous and royalty of Bokor Hill Station and Kep.

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