15th - 17th May 2004.

Sihanoukville is noted as Cambodia's leading beach resort, we were hoping for fine weather and some diving and got neither.

The beach is lined with restaurants and bars and charming young ladies who don't take no for an answer.

Our guide book speaks of clean white beaches, but in true Cambodian style no one seems interested in rubbish collection on the palm fringed beaches.

In the 1950's, the king at the time built Cambodia's first deep water port with someones elses money. It made a pretty view at dusk, although the drunken motorbike driver who took us out here was a worry.

Moto taxi drivers in Cambodia can be found on street corners or more likely at the pub topping-up between fares.

Sihanoukville is particularly built up by the port, we thought this cow standing in front of the Holiday Palace would make great marketing for them.

It is typical of the faded glory of Cambodia and definitely adds to its charm once you compose yourself and forget about the foot long water rat in your room.

Evenings were spent on the beach with Jo and Dan enjoying huge fish meals and a beverage or ten.

reedoo picture

No sunshine or sober taxi drivers or dive masters so lets got to Kampot.

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