10th September 2004.

Semporna is a very busy bustling town that doesn't get many tourists. Dive trips leave from here, and they make good honey cake, plus the lady who gave Jason a rabies injection was very nice. (Read: not alot happens).

Most poeple travel through Semporna on the way to Palau Sipadan for diving and are rushed through the town onto a boat.

The mosque in town is as beautiful and the fishmarket is smelly and busy.

The houses around Semporna harbour are all on stilts over the water and the standard form of transport is a pretty simple sailing boat.

Life is pretty slow here.

... and the pace made it a little frustrating booking a dive holiday as everybody was charging a small fortune whilst nobody really seemed to give a shit.

It's Sunday afternoon and the town seems to take the time to wash in the harbour.

Next day we boat out of town on our way to Kapalai passing beautiful islands everywhere.

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