Kapalai Island

11th September 2004.

Kapalai Island sits an hours boat drive from Semporna, and ten minutes from Sipadan (where we wanted to dive). All of the accommodation in Sipadan was fully booked, so we stayed at Kapalai. It was stunning, and much better than we dreamed it would be, beautiful food, stunning scenery and fantastic coral surrounded the resort.

We stayed in the best accommodation yet, it was huge, with wooden floors and the view from the window wasn't too shabby either.

At the other end of the walkway were the numerous soldiers stationed here, waiting for the nice Muslim men from Abu Sayef to return looking for hostages (as they did a few years ago.)

Macro life is here, with lots of fishes and lovely coral.

Blue spotted Rays are visible from our room balcony.

A first dive was just an orientation dive, so that our dive master could establish how quickly he could shake us.

We saw stacks of underwater life including this Moray.

Freaky Cuttle Fish.

Box fish maybe?

Flying Gurnard.

Stone Fish.

We were even lucky to see turtles. First we saw a huge Green Turtle lounging around on the coral before we saw this Hawkesbill Turtle being groomed by fish.

A rather bright yellow trumpet fish.

This is the view of the world famous Sipadan Island from our stilt bungalow.

Tomorrow we will discover why Jacques Cousteau was so excited about the place.

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