12th September 2004.

Sipadan is 36km off the southeast coast of Sabah, and attracts divers from all over the world. Sipadan is the tip of a limestone pinnacle that rises 600m from the bottom of the sea. You can walk around the island in less than 30 minutes and right from the beach you can dive down a wall that goes down 600 metres.... if your head doesn't implode.

First up was this school of marauding Barracudas.

White Tip Reef Sharks were next to get Claire's heart thumping and grasping hard onto Jason's hand.  We must have seen 30 sharks during one dive.

On our first dive it was straight to 30m which combined with the sharks pushed Claire half way to an asthma attack. A quick recovery, and we back enjoying the view.

There are 3000+ different types of fish, and we saw hundreds.

Green and olive turtles were spotted.  We were diving and stumbled across a moving rock, it turned out to be a turtle burying for food.  We lost our instructor who had carried on without us, we didn't want to stop because we were fascinated.

They can stay under water for ages but need to go near the surface for air.

Very cool.

Popping up for air. Swimming above our heads.

Sipadan is just amazing. If you ever get the chance just go.

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