Kinabatangan Jungle Trip

8-9th September 2004.

We decided to venture into the Jungle on a trip in the Kinabatangan Lower Valley. Uncle Tan (or Uncle of the forest) offered a three day trip exploring wildlife.  This involved night and day safaris by boat, and day and night walking treks.

Borneo is home of the Proboscis monkey. There are stacks of them hanging out in trees and bouncing around.  It was hard to get good photos.  The male has the very big nose had is nicknamed the Dutchman of Borneo. Something to do with his grey trousers and orange shirt... or was it that nose!

The Proboscis monkeys would often jump over 10 metres from tree to tree, either to get around, or judging from the fact this one is male, probably to show the harem-less bachelors who's the toughest nutter in town.

One of the horn bill family. We saw several species including the spectacular Rhinoceros horn bill as well as the white crested, bushy crested, and Pied Horn bill.

This Brahmany Kite was just hanging around looking for a squirrel snack. Whilst in camp we saw another eagle try and lift a Giant Squirrel out of the tree that was far too big for it.

For a life and death struggle the encounter seemed a little humorous.

This was our guide Aimin who was pretty ace.

He took us around this stunning jungle.

We found an unusual flying lizard thing that was very Jurrassic Park.

But jungle boy had more fun swinging from vines in the trees.

We had to cross rivers that went up to past our knees. This meant that Jason had to model his boxer shorts, much to the amusements of the Australian lads, who coined the less than endearing name of 'Hugh Grant' for him.

Jason came running to our hut (he had been exploring and watching monkeys mate?!) when along came across this orang-utan. She was huge, and carrying a baby. The speed that she moved across the branches was breath taking.  It never seemed like the branches would hold her weight.

Seeing the Orang-utans at Sepolik was awesome but to come across a mother and her baby in the wild was amazing.

Jason scurried about 15m up a tree to look across to them at eye-level only to find their was another orang-utan of only a few years old. It is most unusual to see a group of 3 in the wild as they are normally solo.

We disturbed this huge Monitor Lizard as he lounged in the sun to get warm enough to move.

Crocodiles were occasionally spotted but usually scurried into the river pretty quick unlike their South American friends who are pretty social creatures.

"None too shabby" sunset.

This is a kingfisher that we saw on a night trek. Other Kingfishers spotted, included the stork billed and the blue eared.

Other birds making guest appearances but too shy for photos included the Snake Bird, Buffy Fish Owl, and various Hawks.

A scorpion crawls over the hand of a very stupid French guy.

A United Front for Manners was formed composing of the NZ, Australian and English members of the group to try and help the Frenchman wait his turn for scarring the animals off before the United Front for Manners Team could see said animals.

Scarily we discovered afterwards not all of the United Front were hoping the Scorpion wouldn't sting him?!?

Cool tiny frog

Centipede... with very nasty sting thing.

This is the whole group that stayed at Uncle Tams jungle resort... minus the camp chief who 10 minutes earlier packed a tantrum after running very fast into Jason's chest and emerging without the football, that was then passed to the winning goal scorer.

The said tantrum man, then yelled "have you ever played before" only to be quickly rebuffed by "this isn't your first tantrum is it?"

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