7th September 2004.

Sepolik is one of the main reason we came to Borneo. It is home of an orang-utan sanctuary (one of only four in the world). The apes are often orphans or have been hurt or lost etc, and kept here to be rehabilitated into forest life. About 20 come back regularly and on the morning we visited we were lucky to see 12.  It was excellent.

Our first glimpse of a real life orang-utan. The power and speed with which they move is gob-smacking.

They first one heads to the feeding platform to cover his chops in milk....

...and rambutans. Jason loves this fruit and can get through a kilo at anytime. We think he would make a good orang-utan complete with his little belly.

It was so good watching them you will have to be bored with the photos...

....because we wanted to take one home.

This cheeky ape took all the bananas and ate the whole bunch in this position.

This one bashes the deck to try and find more food before spending a few minutes trying to figure out why we didn't leave with everyone else.

We were fixated with the Orangs and spent over an hour in their company exchanging looks and tips on peeling rambutans.

They like to climb about and pose before us.

They don't have tails, so they use their hands and feet to manoeuvre.

This cheeky one is getting a bit intimate.

Cheesy photo

... and then they leave after a few quick poses to say goodbye.

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