Praia de Pipa

24-26 May 2003.

This beach is very pretty, very hot and sticky, with lots of boutiques and restaurants.  There are supposed to be dolphins and turtles that frequent the beach at high tide. We would like to meet a tourist who has seen one and we would definately like to meet the person who put the brochure together.

Here is the beach front lined with huge pink cliffs and palm trees.  Jason used this for his daily exercise running from one end to the other before embarking on leaping upside down into the sea ( apparently practising for snowboard back-flips).

The beach gym is a common sight in Brazil.

Jason " I can never sit still on a beach" Taylor, works off his Argentinan all you can eat meat BBQ's.

We think this is what we would look like to a dolphin if we tried to take a photo of it.... but we wouldn't know because we never saw one.

Useless fact number 55: Turtles cry to wash the sea salt out of their eyes.

This one is in a jar of alcohol in a toursit trap. We hope he was dead before they put him in here as we've had a Capirinha hangover and it is bad.

We visited this ecological park which promised us on the brochure mokeys, snakes and turtles amongst other wild delights.  On a closer look (when money had been paid) all the walks were named after animals that were once there many years ago. They did however have a huge turtle shell that must of belonged to a turtle that made it out of a jar of alcohol.

NB: The turtle shell is the thing at the top not the blonde at the bottom

Pretty sunset. Jason had just had a Shiatsu massage on the beach and hence looks a little sleepy.

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