Porto Galinhas

22-23 May 2003.

This place was beautiful, with natural pools created by rocks at low tide, not far from the beach with millions of fishes. The beach was ladden with palm trees and fresh coconuts that fell off the tree when Jason wacked them.

Here is Jason (posing as Jim Carey, Pet Detective) and local man who kindly took us to see the natural pools once we had crossed his palm with silver. There were lots of fishes to see, and lots of woman in skimpy thong bikinis (read Jason was busy).

Jason meets Cashew.  Not knowing which bits he should eat, he ate lots of it and spent the rest of the week complaining he had the oil on his lips. Blisters appeared a few days later.  He has decided its not his favourite fruit.

The juice and fruit tastes like shit but still seems to be sold in juice bars all over the country

Jason proudly eating coconut after frantically spending 40 minutes charging rotton coconuts at the cocount tree until one fell off.

The primitive hunter / gather instinctions are hard to avoid.

A pretty typical sunset

Meet roller girl who caught Claire sneaking a photo.  She rolls around on rollerblades picking up litter in Natal's airport.

There are no photos of Claire here as we couldn't find any with her smiling (read she was 'coming on' this week)

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