Ilha Grande

18-21 May 2003.

This is a beautiful island, mostly tropical beach and Atlantic rainforest, which took us a considerable effort to reach in the blazing hot sun. No one else seemed to take as long or get on a boat full of pirate look-a likes. (We seriously picked a boat full of dangerous looking men) who luckily didn't rob us and throw us into the sea

Arriving by night did save us the full drug search everyone else seemed to go through on arrival. We found a paradise hotel complete with fruit from the garden and home made chocolate cake.

This is the coast line, you can see the rainforest full of monkeys, tigers, snakes and the like in the background.

There is no transport allowed on the island (unless you are police person or sexy lifeguard), so you have to walk everywhere. The walks are up hill, hot,sticky and bug-ridden

It is worth the walk to get a beach all to ourselves.

We took a four hour walk to the other side of the island to see a stunning beach. During our walk, we came across what sounded like natures floor sander. It was here that we stopped because we weren't sure if it was actually safe to continue.

Big Monkeys were making mating calls deep in the jungle. It was like being with David Attenborough on a nature program, the sound was so amazing. We also saw a couple of tiny spider monkeys but they moved so quickly we didn't get to take a photo so you are stuck with these 2 tree gonads.

Meet Jack out friendly stray dog that latched onto us for a few days. See how well Claire and Jack get on by the distance between them.

Jack did come in useful at one point, kicking his back legs up to warn us not to go into a part of the jungle. Advice from dogs is not always appreciated (ie make-up, clothing, sniffing arses) but I'm pretty sure they are better at finding snakes than us.

We took a boat trip that had a lot of tourists searching for beautiful scenery, sun and above all wildlife. They seemed to only want to stop for snorkelling. Jason saw alot of the same zebra fish, many starfish and enough sea-born rubbish to start a recycling plant.

OK, its now been a whole day on the boat. We are bored of zebra fish and cabin fever is setting in.

If they play the Ketchup song one more time I might have to throw the permanantly grinning boat captain overboard.

The boat journey inspired a need for a drink.

Jason is on his first Capirinha here. A quick bet was made that he couldn't drink six of them with dinnner.

They are so strong, he was slurring on his second drink.

Jason on his fourth drink with a friendly Swiss couple who supported Team NZ in the Americas cup. They were doing a great job of ignoring Jason's wonky behaviour and periodic yawning.

Later that evening he got to a very happy 5..... he wasn't quite as smiley the next morning.

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