Rio de Janeiro

17-24 May 2003.

Very big city, positioned quite nicely on the beach. It is crammed full of poverty, crime and prostitutes.  We stayed there a few days, shopped, sampled the nightlife and had a good time.

Cariocas (people from Rio) really know how to have a good time and their fun is infectious (no sexual pun intended).

We stayed on Copacabana beach, here men in tight skimpy dicktogs work out.  There were also woman playing volleyball in tight bikinis but sorry Hudson, we didn't have the camera.

On Corcovado mountain overlooking the city is Cristo Redento ( Christ the Redeemer). He has been visted by the pope, Princess Claire and apparently even Princess Di made it there once (so it says on the brochure)

OK it was very cold up there.

Rio Frio (Spanish for Cold).

Claire is covering her thermostats so you can't tell how cold it really was.

This is John and Nadesh from Brighton.  Nadesh was 30 so we all went out to celebrate, drank too many Capirinas, went to a Samba, salsa live band night and then onto a very gay dance club later on. Claire got Jason to dance with very saucy local woman (read a 300 pound goony look-a-like) who taught him his first Salsa steps, while she danced with a bloke who though very nice looked like he was a direct descent of Ron Jeremy and a baboon.

It was a brilliant night and this is the photo of us the next night with hangovers.  Nadesh had been driving the porcelain bus all day.

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