Canoa Quebrada

27 May - 2 June 2003

This beautiful fishing village with huge pink sand dunes is part of a state that boasts 600km of glorious beaches.  The locals are friendly and permanently stoned or drunk, often mistaking Jason as his 'my lost friend' ( Mon Amigo). One local fisherman friend of Jason's spent half an hour on the beach telling him its 'all natural', while consuming his bottle of neat local rum.  He failed to notice Jason doesn't speak Portuguese and was not even facing him by the time he stopped talking to his shoes.

During the weekend, it seems to be trendy for many old male tourists to flock here to be paired up with local young girls. (read In-bred brothel or top sex-holiday destination!). Apart from that it is absolutely stunning and well worth a visit with the temprature regularly hitting the high 30s even though it is nearly winter.

This village was paradise, beautiful weather, mango juices by the plenty and a warm sea to float into.

These pink cliff faces line the beach front.  As you head further down they change colour where you can see three or four different layers and colours of sand.

We stayed here in a beautiful hotel complete with fresh fruit breakfast, a swimming pool, and 15 other rooms with elderly Brazilian men paired-up with their daughters friends.

This Adam and Eve mural is actually made out of sand and part of a set of ten biblical stories set on the beachfront in a garden of a hotel.  From what we could work out in our very broken Portuguese, a stoned hippy took 1 years to create just this one and it has now lasted 9 years. They are very big and there is a lot of attention to detail up close.

With so much coastline, there is of course plenty of fish. Jason here models one of his 5 Langoistina (lobster) that cost him about £4.

He hopes anyone else who has a penchant for fine seafood is now sick to the stomach at how cheap it was

We did a day with a buggy to see all the beaches along the coastline. The bus network over here is a little irratic and every driver is an Ayrton Senna wanna-be (read if your not sick in an hour you might be alright).

Here is our friendly driver who later threw us and the buggy off huge sand dunes making Claire's stomach reach her throat.  

With snowboarding less than a month away we figured we would get in some early practice via its poor cousin sand-boarding.

Claire's adrenilin shot is taken Dentist chair style

Show off!

Showing off for too long and going too fast.

A few rag dolls followed by an unplanned swim should quell the enthusiasm

The sunsets are very pretty and beat the back yard of Balham, despite whatever weather you are having in the UK.

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