Mingyong Glacier

7th Apr 2004.

Mingyong Glacier tumbles down from Kawa Karpo mountain. It is 12 kms long and the lowest glacier in Asia.

Mount Kawa Karpo at 6,740m is an imposing mountain respected and feared.

Many Buddhists pilgrims come here to walk around the mountain in Autumn.  Walking from China to Tibet and back again in the process.

A steep section of the glacier.


Is it just Claire or does everyone else like Jason's beard and exceptionally bad hair-do?

Prayer flags, temples and glaciers.

More offerings, this time silk, to the mountain.

Back to Feilai Si with jeep boy who we have just negotiated will take us back to Zhongdian the following day and drive so fast on the winding roads that Jason will vomit for 3 hours solid and have to spend the rest of the day in bed to recover!

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