Ye Bun Waterfall

5th April 2004.

We stayed in a barn hostel in Ye Bun village, which is directly below the mystic waterfall. Ye Bun is the final stop for the monks on their pilgrimage to the waterfall.  We were really lucky with the weather having a bright sunny day for our walk in knee high deep snow. It really was beautiful.

After an hours walking from the village we hit the snow line and things started to get very bright and interesting.

The walk takes you through more prayer flags.  These flags were harder to walk through as they were often half covered in snow.

Spot the fur hat and random clothes that the monks leave as offerings on their pilgrimage to the mountain. There were clothes everywhere and hats on tree stumps, it could have been mistaken for a jumble sale.

Some of the rocks had various bits and pieces stuck by candle wax to the rock, here you can see beads, a walnut, a cigarette and sweet wrappers. There were alot of rocks covered in such waxed items. Beads and bangles were in abundance along with money too and we even saw a Tibetan drivers licence

Here the trek gets harder, it takes us a couple of hours to reach the mystic waterfall starting point. No one had walked up the pass for at least a week as we made the first footprints in the snow. It was good fun to walk in the snow...until it got as high as our knees. Jason continued to the bottom of the waterfall regularly falling waist deep in snow drifts.

Here you can see the weather being kind to us and showing us the peaks colloquially referred to as the Children. They are the smaller peaks between Mt Karwa Karpo (the dad) and Mt Miacimu (the mum).

The mystic water fall!

The water drizzling of the edge catches the sun light and refracts it as it falls for some 100 metres.

Buddhist pilgrims come here to bathe.

Coming down is just as hard as going up.  We both have very wet soggy feet by now and are very pleased that the air temperature is very warm.

We pass the temple on the way down, here you can see the shrine inside of the temple.

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