11th - 13th April 2004.

This city was a jumping off point for us to get transportation to Vietnam. It is a strange place, surprisingly very cosmopolitan, but lacking in hotels for foreigners. If it wasn't for a very kind lady in the Hump hostel, we would have been sleeping on the side of the road while the local government was busy planning its next round of hotel price fixing.

On our search for a hotel, we came across this truck that had fallen through the pavement.

On the same 100 metres of footpath we saw;

- Two young men holding another man and punching his face very hard while he refused to either change his opinion or flinch,

- Jason was hit by a motorbike driven by a very ditzy Chinese girl whilst on the pavement, and

- We saw a guy have his foot run over it what looked like a fast show sketch or the worst attempt and US style litigation we have ever seen.

.... Kunming is weird

Yuantong Si Buddhist Temple has these lovely dragons at the end of the roof which Jason is fascinated with...

The temples have the most beautifully painted canter-levered wooden roof supports.

We took a trip to the Kunming museum where you could learn about artists who wrote poetry in calligraphy (a particular Jason favourite - Not) .There was also a great collection of Buddhist art including this golden statue of a cheeky chap with more than his fair share of arms giving the heavy-metal-horns at by-passers whilst standing on top a women who must of fallen over in the mosh-pit.

There are lots of rules and regulation in the tourist sites its hard to have the time to read them all. They include;

- no conflagration.

- please don't be crowded

- please take good care of environmental sanitation

- please take good care of articles taken along

and some of them are really strange.......

Near to Kunming, in Jinghong there is a famous water splashing festival.  The bored waiting staff play outside a fountain soaking their guests...

This is one of the first rent-a-cops we have ever seen smiling......and he had a bucket of water thrown at him.

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