14th - 15th April 2004.

Gejiu sits between Kunming and the border crossing for Vietnam, so we decided to break up an eleven hour bus journey with a trip to this city. Famous for its tin production it is a little industrial and perhaps not the greatest place to visit.

It has a pretty lake that in 1954 was created when excessive rain caused a limestone sink hole to collapse and swallow a significant portion of downtown.

There is a little park here which is home to this poor chap. Him and his other monkey friends are equally trapped in the boiling heat in crammed cages without shelter... they all had bad sunburn!

The cable car was so busy with tourists that they had to start it up for us. (5 dollars for both of us!)

The view up there enabled us to see the vast array of solar water heaters that line the roof tops of the town in stark contrast to the average environmental castrophe we see daily in China.

Jason contemplates whether or not he can make it down the cable car before needing the toilet.

Most of you probably know him well enough to know the answer....

A local lady in traditional costume and not very traditional bag seen from our bus journey to Vietnam.

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