Los Angeles

28th Nov 2003.

A few days in Huntingdon Beach, California, made a very nice change from the pace of life in Central America. Our hosts in LA really turned it on for us to show us the town, the shops, the nightlife and introduce us to Huntingdon Beach life. If you are reading we owe ya!

Jamie, Rich and Bebe, the dog.

Jason cooking in the kitchen, we were made to feel really welcome.  So much so that on the first night Claire lit a fire; soon smoke was belting out of the fireplace. Rich hadn't told us about the lever to open up the chimney, and we watched as the logs spurt out black smoke all around the room. An hour later, scrubbing the fireplace and surround, Claire wished she had for once listened to Jason. Rich came back and laughed at the tale, aparently it happens all the time!

Steve, Jason and Rich re-exploring their youth at the opening of the new Etnies skate park. Lots of punk rock, angry teenagers, and never-grew-up-skaters made this a great day out.

Some BMX nutter in the competition.

Huntingdon Beach is ace. The surfers ride waves in under the pier, the beach is endless in both directions, and Claire got told-off by the life guard with a microphone loudspeaker for riding her bike on the pier! Apparently the rules don't apply to royalty.

A little hungover, but still smiling. (L-R: Bill, Claire, Jason, Jamie, Rich and Steve). Rich had his finals the next day which is why he isn't smiling (it had nothing to do with the three day hangover we were all suffering from.)

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