Mexico City

8 - 11 Dec 2003.

Our final stop in Central America brought us to Mexico City.  With a population of 20 million people, it's big, bustling and surprisingly cold due to its elevation of 2400 metres.

Just outside of Mexico City is Teotihuacan, the home of Mexico's biggest ancient city. The pyramid behind us is the third biggest in the world.

This picture gives you an overview of the size and scale of this ancient city.

Mexico city is also home to lots of museums. This cheeky monkey reminded us of Jason's mate Stanley.... same forehead.

Drink too much Mescal and you might find yourself making these things all the time.

Whilst leaving the museum, we were entertained by these four chaps who started at the top of this pole and made their way down whilst playing pipes. The whole traditional dance took about ten minutes while they dangled mid-air.

We felt seriously sick watching them spin around but it brings in the crowds and gets them pocket money.

We decided to see a Mexican dance / ballet thing based on the traditional dances of different regions. It was a fantastic night that helped us celebrate our four year anniversary.

We have never seen such an amazing display of Christmas lights in the main square. This was a tiny part of the huge display in the main square in Mexico City.

This is Claire, at the top of another pyramid / ruin. Some 50 museums, treks, bike rides and beaches later, its time to have a rest with friends and family.

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