6 - 7 th Nov 2003.

Our first stop in Nicaragua bought a tortuous 8 hour bus journey to completion. Some had suggested skipping Nicaragua altogether due to poverty and crime (caused largely by the fact they were still killing each other in a civil war inside the last 20 years).... but Jason wanted a look and we didn't feel like 3 solid days on a bus without a break.

Granada is Nicaraguas oldest colonial city. It has a number of beautiful old buildings but it appears that the Spanish took the paint with them when they left.

Our favourite saying here is "no gracias" (No Thanks)

No Thanks - I don't want those CD's, watches, jewellery, horse rides, boat rides, hotels, stale buns.......

We took a boat trip out to the Las Isletas in Lago de Nicaragua with a couple of cheeky chaps namely Mike (NZ) and Chris (UK), who are cycling from the South of South America to Mexico, and a German bloke.

There are 365 little islands created by falling rocks from Volcan Mombacho. Most seemed to be inhabited and they were all less than 50 metres apart.

There were a lot of mini paradises in a very small spot.

One island was inhabited by a number of different monkeys.

This chap is obviously male though we fear he might of had problems with his tool-box.... explanation to follow.

We stopped for lunch some 100 metres from this monkey Island. Jason and Chris decided to swim across to the Island and chat to the monkeys and climb trees.

Jason has seen too many monkeys now and has regularly tried to entice the howlers to throw shit at him since our Costa Rican guide informed us that this is how they mark their territory.

Again we had no luck with the shit but we did have a good toilet-humour laugh at what we thought was a huge bum-grape hanging out the back of this monkey. An hour later we discovered it was a rather enlarged piece of female genitalia. How did we know this?

.... the nice lass came over to us and rubbed it on Chris back before proceeding to wrap her tail around Jason's neck and drag him in for a bit of action. It took a good minute of gently prising monkey claws off Jason's feet and a tail from his neck, before we could finally feel that we done everything we could not to cross a bizarre sexual line!

They might be 3 feet tall but they are seriously strong and more persistent than girls from Doncaster.

That evening, Claire decided that she would refrain from drinking with the lads.  She got woken to a very unsteady Jason at 3am who had tried to run home before realising a cab would be safer.

Here, Chris and Mike laughed off their moonshine hangovers and Monkey love in the morning.... whilst Claire spent all morning throwing water down Jason's throat to get him on the next bus.

These two cheeky chaps are currently engaged in a moustache growing competition ready for Mexican Machismo... and as you can see neither of them is winning.

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