Around Montezuma

28th Oct - 4th Nov 2003.

Our lazy days in Montezuma were augmented with rapant adventure in the surrounding Nicoya Peninsular.

This is Mai Pais beach on the Western side of Nicoya peninsular. Home to Costa Ricas best surf and very nice, stoned, lazy, people.

We got there on quad bikes.

This photo has not been photo-shopped.

We used a fill-in flash as it was getting late and somehow got this super-imposed, brochure perfect, soft focus, we've had plastic surgery and our teeth done, little GEM of a photo.

The reality of quad-bike riding on Costa Rican roads was somewhat different.

After over an hour on the back of the bike on some of the worlds worst roads Jason "let" Claire drive.... we'll press the throttle and hold the handle bars on a space as wide-open as a surf beach.

Walking South from Montezuma Luke and Jason discovered a wealth of wildlife and the fact that nearly all the beach front property is for sale and not that expensive!

They were also "sprung" trying to smash coconuts out of a tree with a stick as they hadn't drunk any water for hours. This chap pulled up on his motorbike and we expected a bollocking but instead he climbed the tree and dropped 4 coconuts for us. He then proceeded to look very disappointed when Jason asked him in perfect Spanish if he could open them. 15 minutes later he finally did before flashing us one last "stupid gringo" look and setting on his way.

Spot the monkey!

Walking North form Montezuma seemed like more of an adventure as apparently there is a picture perfect waterfall that drops 40 foot into a natural rock pool on the beach.

On the way we found a huge troop of Howler monkeys and White Faced Capuchins to play with.

Jason Climbed right up into the trees and started howling to mark his territory before swiftly retreating and running up the beach when the larger chaps in the trees started to bark louder and converge on him.

We then found what was left of the waterfall that had collapsed in heavy rain the night before.

This was followed by an introduction to the infamous short but very funky English rock-star who introduced himself as Jay Kay (for Claire's Dad... Jamiroquai). He asked us where we were from before cutting to the chase and asking if we had any dope or knew where any the chicks were???

The only remaining direction to walk is up the waterfall... where Smedley was needed to film the latest Timotei adverts.... or is it a gay-porn-death-metal video!

Look for the following at your video store "Greigor the destroyer does the antichrist Jamboree"

.... somebody tell him about his hair.... he won't believe the rest of us.

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