28th Oct - 4th Nov 2003.

Luke and Nicbola needed a rest (they were on holiday) and we had so far spent 6 hours a day moving around Costa Rica. We managed to find a plush wooden house on the beach of Montezuma. This tiny sea-side village has a laid back atmosphere. Adventure boy Jason could trek in the nearby jungle whilst the rest of us could relax for the week by the sea.

Our evenings consisted of home made food and drinks, which made a welcome change from having to go to a slow restaurant where you could play food lottery.

This is Playa Grande, it is about a half an hour walk from our humble abode.

Jason decided to join us on the beach, but even then had to spend the whole time knocking down coconuts.

Luke and Jason enjoy a drink before they start throwing the remains at each other. Some New Zealand hunter gather ritual.

Fed up with Luke's comments about how bushy his hair was getting, Jason let Luke cut his hair. He now has less bush but un-even sides.

Nicola is trying to see if Luke is normal. He doesn't think that anyone by page 50 of Glamour magazine is good enough to "get it".

Claire and Jason went off for an early morning stroll to find some monkeys, instead we found the local bus and several local monkeys, trying to pull the bus out with a JCB.

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