Cano Negro

26th Oct 2003.

From La Fortuna village, we took a two hour bus ride to reach the Cano Negro river and widllife reserve. From there, we sat on a tourist boat watching lots of wildlife in the boiling heat for a large amount of money... Costa Rica is considerably more expensive than South America.

This is Luke and Nicola trying to catch some sun on the only day in five that is hadn't poured down with rain.  They must have brought the rain with them from England, because we have never seen so much rain on our trip yet.

This is a Jesus lizard, and is called this because it walks over water really quickly.  Claire had the luck to see the lizard in action running over the water which was seriously speedy. Jason was too busy taking Iguana pictures and missed it.

We were shown a log which looked like it had a few flapping leaves on it, we were told to look closely as there were actually six little bats sunning themselves on the branch.

We were told that seeing alligators would be difficult as the river bed was very high.

We got to see one, but we were not convinced that this alligator was alive, it didn't move once. Although it could have been frozen in fear as twenty people gawped at it.

Its a blurry photo due to the movement of the boat, but its actually a group of howler monkeys in the trees marking their territory.

Apparently if you are super lucky and upset them, they will defecate in their hands and through it at you to mark their territory!

Refugees come and live on the river, apparently destroying the wildlife eating baby eggs, monkeys and anything else that people eat when they are starving. The two large Americans on our boats pricked their ears up to the fact you could eat monkeys and spent most of the rest of the journey asking the guide if every seen animal/bird was edible

...."Can you eat it?" was the catch phrase of the day.

This is a spider monkey. He was travelling with a female who was pregnant and about to pop. He had a dodgy leg so couldn't hide from us so well.

Luke really wanted to see a sloth and he wasn't disappointed, despite the fact they only leave the tree once a week to take a poo.

It is considerably more difficult to get a decent photo of a Sloth!

Luke's fingers in the background..... what a funny guy.... can't wait to baby-sit for the next 2 weeks.

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