La Fortuna

25th - 26th Oct 2003.

We took a 5 hour (sticky and stinky) local bus from San Jose to La Fortuna - a little village right next to Volcano Arenal, which regularly spews out lava. It was also a jumping off point for a day trip to Cano Negro for some wildlife spotting. We shared a room with lizards, an ants nest, and a local drunk who would periodically knock on our window in the middle of the night to make sure everything was ok in the room.

On the way to Cano Negro, we saw more Iguanas.  

Jason is now developing a problem over these creatures. He doesn't seem to be able to create a web page without putting a picture of one of them on it.

This dominant male had a harem of female iguanas around him that he protects.  Jason quite likes this idea and needed another iguana photo to remind him of how life could be if women weren't nuerotic monogamists.

We stumbled upon a local festival where tractors and trailers were covered in flowers.  Jason told me that he is convinced the woman on the right was giving him dirty eye and showing him her stomach or it could be the fact that Jason was a friend of Darryl's.

The volcano was dormant until 1968 when it killed 8 people. We were very lucky to get this picture on the way back from our tour as most of the time, it was covered in cloud. It only cost us $20 to get thrown around the back of some dodgy mates van to go to the viewing platform of the volcano and then be shown a guide book from the local shop... Surprisingly we couldn't buy the book but we could buy loads more trips with their mates...

Costa Rica is four times more expensive than the rest of Central America. This is more commonly known as tourists scams in the western world, in Costa Rica its called 'mates rates'.

If you are lucky, at night you can see lava pumping down the sides of the volcano, and huge rocks that spit into the air.  We were lucky.

It was pitch black and raining so the photos aren't half as good as the sighting...

We then stopped in a hot pool on the way back from the volcano which just happened to have a bar in the middle of it.

Luke and Nicola have now been travelling with us for a week, and are enjoying the two hour rest that Jason has allowed them.

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