8th Nov 2003.

Jason (complete with hangover) took us to Leon, despite Claire's objections that we wouldn't be able to get an express bus to Honduras from here..... and Claire was right this time!.... we had wasted a day and would have to double back to Managua.

Leon is an old colonial city that was once the capital of Nicaragua until it was moved to that little gem of a city Managua to stop the liberals in Leon from trying to kill the conservatives from Granada.

Jason then spent the first few hours convincing Claire that Leon is a beautiful city with some beautifully restored churches...

.... and the largest cathedral in Central America that hadn't seen any maintenance since the Spanish left and took the tradesmen away with them.

The smoke in the picture is from the Sunday parade which comes complete with a Pyromaniac who makes more noise that a spoilt child.

.... and what would a Sunday be like without Mary being carried through town by the faithful.

The best seat in the house was swiped by some kid who looks like he is wondering what all the fuss is every Sunday morning.

There was so much noise. The bell ringer was trying to compete with the Pyromaniac for the attention of the townsfolk resulting in the most annoying din you have ever heard.

Dr. Freud would say they were both ignored as kids.

The average Leonian though, spent their day in a rocking chair as it is far too hot to work, get all religious, or try and act all liberal. They do get out and drink though and just as the Saturday evening looked like it was shaping up to be something, all three banks in town refused to give us money and we retired financially wounded to our hotel before 10pm.

We indulged in the local pastime of looking miserable and rocking in a chair 'cause it is too hot to do anything else!

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