20th-29th Feb 2004.

We decided to fly to Wellington to see Sally & Nigel our other old housemates from Clapham. 

The night-time view of Wellington.

On the day Claire arrived, there were rain storms and lots of wind, ( Wellington is famous for it's wind), it was so strong the plane was shaking after it had landed, and the curtains in the house were blowing inwards. It felt like England!

We did a big Friday night starting at Nigels work place for free drinks and nibbles.  By 9.30pm we were in need of a meal and the generous lads took the girlies for a slap up kebab. Sally was struggling to keep her's together.

Nigel worries whether Sally can last the rest of the night...but the girl does good and has us dancing to hip hop later in the evening.

Jason showing off his new baseball cap, he has had too much by this stage.

Kite surfing has really taken off in Wellington. It all seemed a bit close to the beach but the surfers seemed to know what they were doing. Jason picks up tips from the expert and laments how fool-hardy he was leaving his kite in Auckland.

Nigel with the chicks (NB: the Wellington wind).

Nigel's picture is outside Wellington Airport on a huge Telecom NZ add. We couldn't resist getting him to pose next to his original mug shot from Hoxton.

Just behind Sal & Nigels home is a beautiful bay and cafe. We took a Sunday stroll and the boys found a swing to beat each other up on.

The four of us on Nigel and Sallys "posh" deck.

Te Papa ("Our Place") is NZs premier museums and soaked up a good day of our time.

This mask was designed to keep the kids happy demonstrating how a dragon fly can see. It kept Jason occupied for a little longer than was to be expected for a grown man.

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