Big Day Out

16th Jan 2004.

The Big Day Out is a huge festival where 50,000 or so people gather to enjoy bands from all over the world. Jason tried to re-live his youth pretending he could fit in with the 15-20 year olds that "moshed" to the bands.

Nick and Sammy seem more impressed with their mobiles than the first band.

Metalica were the leading band and "Satan" is the tasteful tattoo on this lass, who would have to wait until 9pm to see Metalica play. Parents throughout Auckland would be pleased to know that their kids could get a tattoo done in minutes during the day.

The only areas you can drink in are fenced off, and full with lots of people. Jason's plan on having a few beers fell by the wayside, particularly as they ran out of beer at 7pm!

A bit of "woodstock" style madness

This is the plane that flew around the Big Day Out. We were not sure what this bloke had done to deserve such public attention.

Claires obsession with photo taking was wearing a bit thin with the kids by this stage.

Basement Jax were the final band that we saw in the boiler room... the boiler room is a hot sweaty tent!

We caught up with Sally & Nigel who came up for the day on Nigels jolly from work (youth culture study).

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