Auckland Going Out (2004)

10 & 11th Jan 2004.

Here are some evenings out that we had catching up with our friends, some who were leaving to return back to the UK.

Too many cocktails and bubbly made the Tepenyaki evening very hazy.

The restaurant is know for its Tom Cruise (or is that Rom Ruise) cook, who specialises in throwing food at guests.  Here is Belinda is catching eggs.

Barnes shows he is an expert at chopping egg......but he's obviously very bad at directions as he seemed to go home to the wrong house that night.

Chris amuses himself with soft porn.

It was time to stop drinking at this stage, we were all very smiley though.

The next evening we caught up with Nik & Jo, our old flat-mates from Clapham, who we last saw in Santiago.  Nik the international man of leisure has since got a job and is buying boys toys including this suitcase of BBQ tools and the worlds biggest barbeque.

The four of us had an ace evening catching up and eating in their posh new home.

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