5th- 7th Feb 2004.

We loved Melbourne, built in the Victorain-era, the parks, houses and boulevards reflect the work that had gone on since then to make this a lovely city. The cafes and bars all help create the feeling that you could 'arse-about' here forever.

Jason decided that a trip to Melbourne wouldn't be right unless we went to the cricket at the MCG.  Apparently its one of the worlds greatest sporting venues.

It made an entertaining day of people watching and unfortunately India got beaten, but Jason managed to perfect his Australian accent yelling cricket-specific obscenities and 'dissing' the Aussie team for having a 'mullet count' reminiscent of a Spanish football team from the 80's.

They wouldn't let Jason drive the Gatorade golf cart in case he parked it on any of the 11 yellow waste-of-spaces.

In honour of our visit to New Zealand and our introduction to Liquid Cocaine ( Champagne, Red bull and Vodka), we had to try out the bar that had been recommended to us by Lisette & Scott.

Shortly after this, Jason decided it would be funny to pretend to be an Australian to the poor taxi guy...the taxi guy wasn't convinced and asked him what country he was from resulting in a Sheepish boy-got-caught reply.

This is the main train station built in true Victorian fashion. You can just see the cool trams that ferry people around.

Obviously etticate is a subject the average Australian might have failed at, judging from the signs needed to control the natives.

We missed the 'no public exposure' and 'don't shag the Kangaroo' signs.

Lots of nice parks.

Can anyone read this....

... Maybe they needed etiquette lessons rather than brick making.

This is St Patricks Cathedral which according to the LP is a gothic revival masterpiece ...

Meet Paulo and Kylie, Claire met Paulo in Vietnam about 8 years ago.  We had a lovely evening sampling Melbourne's nightlife. Claire and Jason got in a little late ready for two hours sleep, before an early flight.

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