Scott & Lisettes Wedding

27th Dec 2003.

Scott & Lisette were to be wed on the 28th December, so we changed our plans and came back to New Zealand early. It was a really beautiful day and well worth the change of plans.

The Saturday before the wedding, we went on the respective stag & hen doos.  Jason and the rest of the stags spent the day at an event called fast cars and titty bars. This photo is from the car racing.... no photos were allowed at the evening activities.

Claire also went to Lisette's hen doo (there are no photos as we got the hen so drunk she had to go home slightly earlier than expected.) The rest of girls managed to keep going but there is no photographic evidence.

It's amazing how versatile the back pack wardrobe can be....Claire had matching shoes much to Jason's delight.

Scott and Lisette still looking nervous from the day's activities.  They looked lovely, the wedding was so relaxing and enjoyable everyone had such a good day.

Jason did a reading in the church, he was a sweaty nervous wreck by the time he came to speaking but he did a brilliant job that did him proud.

The head table, with the bridesmaids.  Ness & Dean were in eye range of Claire and enjoyed watching her cry constantly like an emotional fool over the speeches.

During Scott's speech, he thanked Jason for doing a reading and for both is us to taking the time out of our hectic two years off to come to the wedding!

Shortly after this photo was taken, Claire was told to drink some water....( Read: stop downing the champagne!). Four hours later, Claire was carrying Jason home who was dribbling on her shoulder at 2am asking to be taken home. Claire was very sober and amused by how drunk everyone else was at the after-wedding party.

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