30th Dec 2003 - 3rd Jan 2004.

We joined about twenty of our friends in the Coromandel for a sunny New Year. It was a chance for us to chill out and relax in the sunshine, to meet up with friends who had come from all parts of the world for the celebrations.

Jason is in his element finally having boys to prance about with on the beach to keep him entertained. Claire is happy to relax with the girls and talk shoes, make-up and other similar shite.

Pre-new year drinks where Lisette made her speciality cocktails that were the reason most if us were plastered before sunset.

Claire and Jason (looking Zoolander / pornstar)

Daryl came over from the UK, he seems to have missed Jason rather more than we realised.

Claire & Scott looking worse for wear.

Lisette & Claire catching up after two years of emailing each other.

More girlie shots....Ness & Lise

Barnes helps Jason to stand up.... in less celebratory times this would be considered an offensive wedge.

Dean & Ness - the drinks finished, its time to go to bed.

Very smiley and very time to go to bed.

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